Installation and commissioning

Maa Electric Engineering Power has highly expert engineers who are designated only to perform the commissioning jobs. They have received intensive trainings and are of highly experienced to demonstrate perfections in their jobs.

Maa Electric Engineering Power is acquainted with the installation and commissioning of thousands of transformers, switchgears, and complete substations in it’s nearly 3 decades long experience. The ultimate focus on this job is to ensure that safety of the power transmission/distribution equipment, efficient power transmission/distribution, and maximum care for the installation and the environment. The commissioning of the equipments has specific and stringent procedures to avoid premature or wrong operations. It includes the checking of all connections and settings of equipments and ancillaries, load management, test run, and finally supplying power to the grid/loads.  The entire process of installation and commissioning involves the preparation of BOQ, ensuring availability of the right materials at the right quantity at the right time, physical arrangements of transformer, switchgear, ancillary materials, and arrangement of all equipments as per the regulatory authority’s requirement.